It’s finally here, the Chameleon vehicle is driving!! What an incredible journey this has been, and one which is in no way finished yet. In less than half a year, we have taken our initial goal of revolutionising the way vehicles are manufactured, and demonstrated how it could be achieved. The Chameleon vehicle embodies a range of innovative strategies and … Read More

Powering a 3D printed vehicle

Power! The motor for our 3d printed vehicle has been successfully connected up. In the video it is shown attached to the 3d printed transmission mount, which forms part of the vehicle chassis that is completely 3d printed. Soon, within the next week hopefully, the vehicle will be driving! This is part of Project Chameleon where Scaled Ltd build a … Read More

Building a 3d printed vehicle

Things are really picking up pace around here… Not least because we’ve finally got wheels on Chameleon. Next is the motor, and then we’ll be away! Sustainably produced from 3d printed recycled nylon, manufactured on a single cell robotic arm 3d printer. Zero-tooling, rapid manufacture, an entire concept vehicle realised within a matter of months. If you ever had doubts … Read More

Printing vehicle parts

We are in the final stages of production on Project Chameleon, Scaled Ltd‘s effort to 3d print an ultra-lightweight, sustainably produced, single-seat electric vehicle. We’re incredibly excited in anticipation of revealng, with its fully 3d printed chassis, showcasing the hybrid manufacturing philosophy that has driven (pun intended) the project forward. But for now, we’ll have to make do with just showing … Read More

Capturing waste plastic

Can you use plastics manufacturing to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment? We definitely believe so. As you may have seen in a previous post, we have successfully printed a structural component out of 100% recycled nylon. One of our core goals as a company is to ensure a sustainable future for us and our environment. We want … Read More

Spot the difference!

One of these chassis members has been printed using standard carbon filled nylon. The other has been printed from 100% recycled Nylon. Structurally identical, visually very similar, this material is the future for Scaled. Part of our drive in establishing Project Chameleon was to push forward and demonstrate the idea that manufacturing, even industrial, plastics manufacturing, does not have to … Read More

We’re rolling!

You may have seen in a previous post, a little sneak peek at the prototype spine that we have printed. Well, here it is for you to have a proper look at. The spine is being used in order to ensure right first time production and assembly of our final artefact. Having taken only two hours to print out, with … Read More

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