Capturing waste plastic

Can you use plastics manufacturing to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment? We definitely believe so. As you may have seen in a previous post, we have successfully printed a structural component out of 100% recycled nylon. One of our core goals as a company is to ensure a sustainable future for us and our environment. We want … Read More

Spot the difference!

One of these chassis members has been printed using standard carbon filled nylon. The other has been printed from 100% recycled Nylon. Structurally identical, visually very similar, this material is the future for Scaled. Part of our drive in establishing Project Chameleon was to push forward and demonstrate the idea that manufacturing, even industrial, plastics manufacturing, does not have to … Read More

We’re rolling!

You may have seen in a previous post, a little sneak peek at the prototype spine that we have printed. Well, here it is for you to have a proper look at. The spine is being used in order to ensure right first time production and assembly of our final artefact. Having taken only two hours to print out, with … Read More

Steering in the right direction

We are steering in the right direction! This small prototype steering wheel, printed on our small scale printers, was designed to demonstrate and give us insight into a few different things. First off, it is almost identical to the finished product, and weighs only 122 grams! Something we are very proud of using to achieve this weight, while retaining structural … Read More

Printing spine chassis

The robots are finally taking over… From our small scale printers. We have moved on from the digital and small scale prototyping phase of our development and our moving to first article, full scale prototyping. Our large scale, robotic arm 3d printer is being put to full use, printing out structural sections for the fitment testing of our assembly. The … Read More

Resolving mistakes fast

We made a mistake! We are in progress with fitment testing for Project Chameleon, putting together a rolling prototype, and we needed inboard mounts for the wishbone. A slight versioning error meant that the incorrect version of the mount had been imported into our master assembly. This was then printed. The results of which you can see below. 2mm out. … Read More

We have power!

We have power! We have just taken delivery of the LEM200 D95B electric motor from our friends at Lynch Motor Company, soon to be installed into the Chameleon vehicle. One of the key areas we want to push forward in automotive design and manufacture with this project is a focus on sustainability from cradle to grave. This has resulted in … Read More

Student showcase

Our first Student Showcase is here! What an awesome job Nicole has done. She had this to say on the work she has carried out so far: “Over the last few weeks I have been examining in detail parts from a donor vehicle and reverse engineering, using CAD software, to reproduce digital parts to aid in the design of other areas of … Read More

Hybrid design ethos

You wouldn’t 3d print a car, would you? Well, at least not the whole thing. Project Chameleon will consist of some exciting 3d printed chassis structures, but we are sourcing many off the shelf items. This hybrid design ethos is what drives Scaled. We understand better than most how powerful 3d printing is. We also understand better than most its … Read More

Going electric

What does sustainability mean to you? For us it means ground-up consideration; from design through to production. This is why we have been working hard to replace virgin plastic in our processes, with plastic derived from recycled sources. It is also why we embarked on Project Chameleon. To not only demonstrate a low-to-no emissions vehicle platform, but also aim for … Read More

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