Traditional 3D printing allows for quick turnaround times but only for prototypes. Scaled's large scale 3D printing is fast enough to accelerate design cycles but has application in final use parts.


3D printing at large scale brings challenges not obvious at the small scale. Scaled help customers with design that is optimised for large scale 3D printing. After years of experience we have developed numerous methods to improve print success, minimise print time and save on materials costs.


Accelerated product development cycles leads to a faster time to market and significantly reduced costs. Using our large scale 3D printing capability and expertise could transform your product creation process and ensure the cost-effective delivery of new and better product to your customers, faster than your competition.


Scaled have multiple large scale 3D printing systems built by our expert team in-house. These system are capable of printing objects more than a metre in length and will soon be capable of 2-3metres in a single print. The advantage of 3D printing to react quickly to new designs is now available at the large scale.


Thermoplastics used traditionally in 3D printing, such as PLA and ABS, are only suited to a limited range of applications. Scaled have been working to expand the capabilities of 3D printed components by using a wider selection of higher performance materials. Scaled have been working with PA, PBT, PP, PPS (including carbon and glass-filled variants) and are now working with recycled plastics.

Faster time to market

Use large scale 3D printing to accelerate development cycles to days rather than weeks