SCALED is working primarily in the transportation field, whether that be on infrastructure, vehicle structures or tooling. 


Finished components and systems can be created outright, throughout the development cycle, and ultimately “for sale”. This enables both form and function to be proved from the outset, minimising product risk and maximising opportunity for optimisation. The image to the right shows a prototype structure incorporating over 120 kg of printed thermoplastic composite. New prototypes of this structure or parts of this structure can be realised every day before designers are satisfied and the system is potentially manufactured using the same process as the prototypes.


With the ubiquity of carbon fibre derived materials to deliver light, stiff structures, tooling is becoming a bottleneck for both product development and manufacture. SCALED manufacturing techniques can transform tool manufacture to reduce costs and enable testing of both form and function of the final carbon component.


The ability to realise large-scale objects quickly and cost-effectively is helping our automotive design customers avoid the traditional frustrations associated with long waits for panel and part prototypes and seating bucks. Simultaneously, our increasing portfolio of printed materials that meet exacting performance requirements are enabling engineers to play with novel designs that leverage the advantages of AM. We are now looking forward to printed production vehicle components in the very near future.

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If standard 3D printers are not sufficient, Scaled can help