With their extensive previous experience of 3D printing within the automotive and aerospace sectors, Bob Bradley and David Speight saw an unmet need to provide a variety of customers with access to truly large-scale 3D printed plastic parts. They set up Scaled Ltd in 2015 to address this nascent market by developing and deploying a range of their own-design large format 3D printers, when large-scale 3D printing was still a novelty. Early projects included making mannequins, manufacturing jigs and providing research and development services to prospective adopters of 3D printing technologies.


Pull to whole products
Over the last 7 years the large-format 3D printing market has evolved significantly with new entrants adding to the range of available large format 3D printers and the materials they can process. Many major engineering companies have set up their own in-house 3D printing facilities, usually to accelerate their prototyping activities and increasingly now also to make production parts. However, most of Scaled's potential customers are not manufacturing companies themselves and will not be doing likewise. Instead, rather than seeking parts, they are in the market for their concepts to be brought to life. Increasingly, Scaled delivers this full-service offering, from concept through to delivered whole product in moderate volume.


Scaled continues to develop it's whole product offering incorporating 3D printed parts made at its Swindon manufacturing facility. Recent highlights have included: designing and delivering a series of temporary structures, weighing in at more than 14 tons, for a world-famous mass participation event; and, developing Europe's first fully 3D printed plastic personal transportation vehicle (Chameleon) demonstrating Scaled mastery in developing high-performance 3D printed structures. Early in 2022, Alex Marshall joined the Scaled team to lead the company's ambitious growth plans.