Scaled develop large scale 3D printing technology and expertise to enable designers, engineers and manufacturers to:

Think big in terms of scale and scope, with complete geometric freedom

Accelerate innovation and development time with faster iterative optimisation

Lower cost, streamlining process overhead and enabling sustainable manufacturing

Our aim is to have a positive impact on and for our customers and employees. We recognise the value of innovation, it is at the heart of everything we do. We will challenge ourselves and each other, striving to be better and supporting all efforts to improve. We will allow access to our sustainable technology and use our expertise to build and nurture our community.

Scaled Ltd was established in 2015 to provide our customers with access to truly large-scale 3D printing. Our team, based in Swindon, has been working in 3D printing, and engineering in general, for over 15 years. With additional experience in research and development, automotive, composites, data analytics and process we are ideally positioned to transform large scale engineering.

Bob Bradley


Bob has worked in both the automotive and aerospace sectors. Bob launched Honda’s initial R&D into 3D printing for the production of its next generation products. Following this, Bob established GKN Aerospace’s multi-million pound organisation focusing on 3D printing technologies and ultimately ran three R&D centres.

David Speight


David is an expert in process, data and analytics. Before Scaled, David was working for Experian leading data-driven analytics projects and maintaining ongoing client relationships worth in excess of £500k-a-year. David started his career in quality management systems and then facilities management and holds a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Jean-Marc Giacalone

Head of Engineering

With over 20 years' experience working in the UK manufacturing sector, Jean-Marc brings a broad range of skills and expertise to developing Scaled's large scale additive manufacturing technology.