Often in engineering and construction we have strict requirements from our structures. Strength, stiffness, durability are often cited. But we now have other considerations to make, such as how lightweight a structure is, how much of a given material is used and how much is wasted, what the carbon footprint of the production process is etc. 

Utilising large scale 3d printing in the production of your structures can allow you to meet many of these requirements. 

With the use of strong, stiff thermoplastics, complex structures can be created that weigh far less than those produced from say steel or concrete. These structures can be tailored to each specific use case, and reinforced with other materials, such as composites. 

Imagine a scenario where the support structure for a footbridge is created out of steel. Not only do you have the cost, both financial and environmental, of the production and transportation of the structure, but the cost of installation is often the same again. If you were to use lightweight, 3d printed replacements, wrapped with composites to ensure integrity, the cost of production would likely be much less while also being less environmentally damaging. Due to the lightweight nature of these structures, handling and installation is far easier and so the overall project cost can be far lower, while meeting strict carbon-cutting KPIs.

Lightweight 3d printed structures would also benefit concrete construction, if not replace it entirely. Complex shuttering, that can be removed or left in situ, in order to create optimal geometries for the desired function, can massively reduce the amount of concrete and rebar needed. The less weight that’s in the structure, the less concrete and rebar that is needed in order to self support. 

In the area of events and events management, often structures are needed to be assembled and disassembled quickly and efficiently. Designing a 3d printed structure with this in mind can allow for aesthetic, functional stands and exhibits which thrill clients, with the benefit of being lightweight enough to easily install by one or two people.  

Lightweight 3d printed structures can help you to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease installation and construction time and reduce overall project costs dramatically. 

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