It’s finally here, the Chameleon vehicle is driving!!

What an incredible journey this has been, and one which is in no way finished yet.

In less than half a year, we have taken our initial goal of revolutionising the way vehicles are manufactured, and demonstrated how it could be achieved.

The Chameleon vehicle embodies a range of innovative strategies and philosophies. The vehicle uses high-end 3D printed thermoplastics for the chassis, but the process has been designed to be as sustainable as possible, so we have also made use of recycled plastics as well. We aimed for a 1:1 weight to payload ratio of just over 100kg to make it as efficient as possible, we have used new and emerging design techniques such as stochastic topology optimisation to remove redundant material, and above all we have utilised a “factory in a box” approach, producing the entire vehicle on a single manufacturing cell.

The vehicle proves what Scaled have known all along, that the game changes when you take 3d printing to this level. Parts can be made bigger, stronger and faster.

We have achieved all of this for less than the cost of a single body panel on some vehicles!

If you are interested to find out more about the project, check us out here: www.scal3d.com/chameleon

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