Building a 3d printed vehicle

Things are really picking up pace around here…

Not least because we’ve finally got wheels on Chameleon. Next is the motor, and then we’ll be away!

Sustainably produced from 3d printed recycled nylon, manufactured on a single cell robotic arm 3d printer. Zero-tooling, rapid manufacture, an entire concept vehicle realised within a matter of months.

If you ever had doubts about the strength of 3d printed plastic, just wait until you see us driving this around with over 100kg payload (not naming names… Nathaniel Head 🍰)!

Watch this space!

This is part of Project Chameleon where Scaled Ltd build a 3D printed vehicle from scratch in a few months. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate that there is a way for people to own a vehicle that is entirely customised, chassis and all, to match its operating environment. Reduced energy usage. Low running costs. Aesthetically interesting. 

#automotive #3dprinting #additivemanufacturing

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