Spot the difference!

One of these chassis members has been printed using standard carbon filled nylon. The other has been printed from 100% recycled Nylon. Structurally identical, visually very similar, this material is the future for Scaled.

Part of our drive in establishing Project Chameleon was to push forward and demonstrate the idea that manufacturing, even industrial, plastics manufacturing, does not have to be detrimental to the environment. We can fully circularise these components, ensuring that the plastic is captured in a useful repeatable life cycle. We have in Project Chameleon a super lightweight, efficient, electric vehicle platform, responsibly manufactured with zero material wastage. Environmentally, it is necessary. Economically it just makes sense. Less material wastage means less money wasted. Amortising the cost of the plastic across it’s useful life makes it essentially nil. This is what we want the future of manufacturing to look like.

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