We’re rolling!

You may have seen in a previous post, a little sneak peek at the prototype spine that we have printed.

Well, here it is for you to have a proper look at. The spine is being used in order to ensure right first time production and assembly of our final artefact. Having taken only two hours to print out, with all of the critical locators and mating points designed in from the CAD domain, it is something which has drastically sped up development.

The cost benefit is two-fold, in that it means less man hours spent in final assembly, as well as being of negligible cost to produce. Can you imagine, a prototype vehicle assembly for less than the cost of a full tank of petrol?

This is the power of the Scaled workflow that we want to demonstrate, how we can revolutionise the way our clients manufacture. Let us know if you are interested in exploring the benefits of this revolutionary workflow. #production #innovation #manufacturing #engineering #3dprinting

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