Steering in the right direction

We are steering in the right direction!

This small prototype steering wheel, printed on our small scale printers, was designed to demonstrate and give us insight into a few different things. First off, it is almost identical to the finished product, and weighs only 122 grams!

Something we are very proud of using to achieve this weight, while retaining structural integrity and strength, is the differing infill strategies deployed in specific areas. We used a complex gyroid fill around the hub and 0% non-print move infill for the wheel.

The wheel also demonstrates the common print strategy of dividing parts into assembled sub-components to take advantage of print direction and the directionality of material strength. These print strategies have been deployed and demonstrated at the small scale here, but are identical to, and therefore inform, our print strategies at the large scale. This fusion of small and large scale thinking ensures we keep our costs negligible and our time frames short.

Let us know if you’d like to make the leap from small to large scale #3dprinting! #additivemanufacturing #innovation #design

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