Printing spine chassis

The robots are finally taking over…

From our small scale printers. We have moved on from the digital and small scale prototyping phase of our development and our moving to first article, full scale prototyping.

Our large scale, robotic arm 3d printer is being put to full use, printing out structural sections for the fitment testing of our assembly. The skeletal chassis spine that you see has all of the critical locator points designed in, so that we can ensure right first time assembly once the full chassis is complete.

Being able to print a full scale prototype means that we eliminate time spent on fixes and reworks after the fact when it comes to final assembly. It is also something that would be expensive and time consuming to do traditionally, but has been done at negligible cost and within a day of printing.

Let us know if you would like to explore the benefits of full scale prototyping with Scaled, #additivemanufacturing #automotive #engineering

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