We have power!

We have power!

We have just taken delivery of the LEM200 D95B electric motor from our friends at Lynch Motor Company, soon to be installed into the Chameleon vehicle.

One of the key areas we want to push forward in automotive design and manufacture with this project is a focus on sustainability from cradle to grave.

This has resulted in us ensuring that an ultra-lightweight chassis design is utilised, taking inspiration and guidance from a stochastic topology optimised generative output from Rafinex.

It has resulted in us rethinking the way materials are used and reused in our manufacturing process.

And it has resulted in us making use of this powerful and efficient motor.

It outputs 28.5kW at peak power while operating and 90%+ efficiency and weighing only 11kg.

Chameleon will certainly be fun to drive!

Printing the generative chassis around vehicle subsystems enables us to map out everything in the CAD domain. We can then manufacture the chassis components Right First Time and reduce vehicle production time to hours rather than weeks.

Such is the power of a digital tool chain. Explore what it can do for you with Scaled!


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