Resolving mistakes fast

We made a mistake!

We are in progress with fitment testing for Project Chameleon, putting together a rolling prototype, and we needed inboard mounts for the wishbone. A slight versioning error meant that the incorrect version of the mount had been imported into our master assembly. This was then printed. The results of which you can see below. 2mm out. Oops! 🤦‍♂️

But, this is additive manufacturing! Thanks to our digital toolchain, it has been a matter of about 30 minutes work to adjust the dimensions in the CAD domain, reprint the correct components, and get them fitted perfectly. All of this backed with Rafinex‘s stochastic optimizer’s predicted certainty, that geometrical deviations within range will still be performing robustly,

What previously could have shut down progress for days or weeks, has taken less time than it takes to have a cup of tea and reflect on the need to make sure all design versions are on Onshape Inc. in the cloud instead of on individual computers…

Luckily this was only at small scale, but imagine if it was a chassis composite section or strut that was wrong. That’s more like months of shutdown. Unless you have the power of large scale additive manufacturing behind you.

…thank goodness we do!


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