Hybrid design ethos

You wouldn’t 3d print a car, would you?

Well, at least not the whole thing. Project Chameleon will consist of some exciting 3d printed chassis structures, but we are sourcing many off the shelf items.

This hybrid design ethos is what drives Scaled. We understand better than most how powerful 3d printing is. We also understand better than most its limitations, and how to overcome them.

3d printing has become ubiquitous, so many people often think it is a quick, easy option to just get a job done. While this can be true, established manufacturing methods are very effective at delivering particular products at low cost and high quality.

The strength of additive manufacturing (AM) lies in seeing it as another set of tools in the engineers’ toolbox, designing for the process, and utilising traditional methods where it makes sense.

Scaled have used this methodology to ensure that our clients adopt 3D printing in the right way, delivering long term benefits rather than providing quick-fixes that often don’t perform as desired, and can harm a company’s view of 3D printing.

With project Chameleon we aim to demonstrate that 3d printing is a cost effective, efficient, sustainable method of production. When applied correctly.

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