Going electric

What does sustainability mean to you?

For us it means ground-up consideration; from design through to production.

This is why we have been working hard to replace virgin plastic in our processes, with plastic derived from recycled sources.

It is also why we embarked on Project Chameleon. To not only demonstrate a low-to-no emissions vehicle platform, but also aim for a carbon negative production process.

To this end it was important that we utilised an electric motor in Chameleon, as well as reducing the weight as much as possible, while retaining the absolute stability and strength.

We have been working with Lynch Motor Company, who have been great in supporting us with motor selection based on our parameters. Outputting 28.5kW at peak power while operating and 90%+ efficiency and weighing in at only 11kg (compared to an average small car engine weight of 150kg, this is pretty impressive. We are aiming a weight of around 200kg for the full Chameleon build), the LEM200 D95B is the perfect motor for chameleon.

We cannot wait to get the motor installed, and finally get some power into Chameleon!

If you are interested in sustainable engineering and production potential, and would like to know how it could positively impact your business, let us know!


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