Testing new concepts

Are you breaking boundaries with your designs?

We are. For Project Chameleon, we’re breaking out of plane and creating some fantastical, futuristic geometries. When making use of bleeding edge generative design solutions, which provide you with organic, optimised structures based on your specific load conditions, it is necessary to forego the usual constraints of FDM printing and think outside the box. The work we have been doing to increase layer adhesion strength is helping achieve this, printing complex, compound curves and non-standard shapes.
Another thing we have found is there’s no need to rely solely on the generative output. We can throw in a bit of human ingenuity to optimise the designs, informed by the data received from the output and create efficient, lightweight, strong structures that are easily printable.

Take a look at some of our progress pictures to that end (we’ve included a sneak peak of some upcoming project work with one of our exciting collaborators). Watch this space!