Optimisation informs 3D printed chassis

Here it is at last!

Is what we would say if we’d been waiting a long time for the CAD version of our first chassis design, but thanks to the awesome work that Rafinex have done with us on the Stochastic Topology Optimisation of the Chameleon Chassis, we got it finished in a week.

The speed at which the Chameleon consortium have managed to pull together is a testament to the agility and expertise of the UK based Engineering firms that make it up.

As you may have seen in a previous post, we have used the topologically optimised output from Rafinex’s software along with some good old fashioned human intuition and experience (we haven’t been entirely replaced by robots yet) to inform the design of the chassis. We will soon be printing lightweight, structural components that have been optimised for the load conditions specific to Chameleon. We’ll also be unveiling another consortium member as we move towards hybridising additively manufactured components with carbon fibre composites.

Exciting stuff ahead.

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