Goodbye to VC-1

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend… VC-1, or Vehicle Concept One, is being replaced!

Scaled are embarking on Project Chameleon, a joint endeavour together with a consortium of UK #engineering and #manufacturing firms. We are aiming to demonstrate the possibilities for a unique vehicle platform.

By making use of hybrid manufacturing techniques, including #additive manufacturing, advanced #composite technologies and bleeding edge topology optimisation, we will be producing a first article, powered prototype without the need for expensive tooling.

The overarching theme is low-cost, versatile manufacture using sustainably sourced materials, to produce an environmentally friendly low-to-no emissions vehicle.

We want to showcase how manufacturers might reduce reliance on the Just-in-Time model of production, whose weakness has been laid bare by the recent global supply chain collapse. The economic, flexible manufacturing method that we develop will be applicable across multiple sectors, empowering manufacturers to become more agile and adaptable, essential qualities in the post-COVID era.

We will be posting regular updates here on Instagram and Linkedin @Scal3d so follow along,

If you’d like to be involved, let us know!