3D printing topology optimised designs

What does this look like?

It may look like something out of Star Wars, but it’s really a teaser for the final output of our stochastic topological optimisation work with the geniuses that make up @Rafinex.

We will be using this output to inform our design of the Chameleon chassis, ensuring that we have the greatest structural integrity, for the least amount of material used, when it comes to printing.

We will not be printing this exact chassis. Why not?

As with all processes, additive manufacturing has some design constraints. A 3D printer is not just a Star Trek Replicator (we had to add some balance to our sci-fi references), it is a process with strengths and weaknesses. At Scaled, we have the in house experience to understand the intricacies of Design for Additive Manufacture, and so we will be using that expertise, along with the output below to create a structure that is fully optimised to take advantage of the benefits of AM.

We will make certain that each section is printable, optimising for both speed and cost, while ensuring the structural characteristics of the topological optimisation are retained.

If you have any projects that you think could benefit from the efficiencies offered by Digital Manufacturing, let us know, we’d love to help out.

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